Automated street lighting

Automated street lighting solution

Key benefits
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  • Automated ON / OFF control of individual lights without extra wiring.
  • Single gateway shall support up to 300 lighting poles.
  • Supports mesh network for coverage of tens of miles.
  • Electricity saving modes:
    • Time based scheduling and ON / OFF control with day light harvesting.
    • Pre-defined templates for one in two, one in three or customized ON / OFF.
    • Individual lights dimming as desired.
    • Override support to ON / OFF individual lights as required.
    • Light sensors / motion sensor input based control (optional).
  • Easy to install, plug-n-play retrofit solution.
  • Secure cloud based graphical user interface for collecting real time data with ability for further analysis.
  • Support for smart phone for monitor and control and alerts.
  • Fault detection alarms and events informed via email / SMS.
  • Daily / monthly / weekly reports:
    • Electricity consumption (optional).
    • ON / OFF audit reports.
    • Fault and error notification.
    • User activity report.
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How it works?
  • WiART wireless RF modules are integrated with street light fixtures / panels.
  • WiART enabled street lights form a mesh network to support hopping of data and communicate with a gateway device.
  • Gateway unit further communicates with the cloud server over 3G or Ethernet backbone.
  • One gateway unit supports up to 300 WiART enabled street lights and 50 hops for far reach.
Application areas
  • Street lighting
  • IT campus lighting
  • Parks
  • Townships
  • Bridges and tunnels
  • Hazardous locations
  • Industrial lighting
  • Mines
  • Pathway / Roadway
  • Warehouse / Parking Lot
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